Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kayaking in Valdez

We are on a roll kayaking. We kayaked 3 times in the week we were in the Valdez area. 2 different lakes and 3 different experiences. Our first paddle was a short one at Valdez Glacier Lake. The weather reports had originally been showing a warming trend starting on Saturday but it didn't warm up until Sunday. Though it was cloudy and cool on Saturday we decided to try kayaking at Valdez Glacier. The lake is at the terminus of the Valdez Glacier. The glacier has been receding for 10,000 years. The lake often has big chunks of ice in it which it did when we were there. There are kayak tours that take you to ice caves and as far as the glacier itself where you can walk on it. That might have been a better way to go. The tour furnishes rubber boots as well as rain gear. We had our wet suit tops and jackets but just our regular water shorts and water tennis shoes. It was very very cold and so we just paddled around the main part of the lake for awhile. It was still interesting paddling around the large chunks of ice.

We actually drove back another day when it was warmer but still seemed to cold for our lightweight clothing. Look at those big chunks of ice, of course it is going to be cold. Anyway we woke up Sunday to sunshine and warm temps in the seventies. I read about Robe Lake in a blog and we had checked out the lake when we were here in 2012 but never kayaked. In fact we didn't kayak at all that year but brought our total this time to 5 by the end of the week. Robe Lake is a lovely lake. When we got there, there was a float plane getting ready to take off. There was also a fishing boat getting ready to launch. I understand fishing is very popular in this lake.

We inflated the boat and took off enjoying the weather and the wonderful views.

We leisurely paddled to the other end where the Robe Lake Lodge sits up on a hill above the water.
We had a little more of a workout on the way back going into the wind but not bad.

When we got back to the shore, we spent a little time on our computers. We have no cell or Internet service at Blueberry but very good 4G once you are closer to Valdez. Another great day on the water. In fact later in the week we returned to Robe Lake, This time we went in the other direction, It was more through the tall grasses. It really reminded us both of one of our favorite paddling places, Rocky Point on the upper Klamath Lake in Oregon.

The water trail started to narrow at one point. We decided to try to go farther and started heading downstream. However we decided to turn around and had a very hard time. The current was so much swifter that everything we almost had the boat turned around the water would turn us back downstream. Yikes!! Finally Joe asked how deep the water was. There seem to be a raised area on our left and so I got out of the boat with the water just coming to my thighs. Luckily it wasn't slippery and I was able to get the boat turned around and pulled it up a little, then climbed back on and we were able to paddle our way to where the water was not so swift. That was an experience. When we got back there was another float plane sitting near our car.

Another day we took another boat trip but that was in a much bigger boat. There will be a separate post on that adventure.

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