Friday, July 31, 2015

A Bit of Paradise in Valdez - Blueberry Lake Campground

On the way to Valdez we stopped for the night at the Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site. It is a popular place to stop to view the Matanuska Glacier. It also has about 9 camping sites in a loop plus camping is allow in the overlook parking. That is where we stayed as we had the site closest to the view of the glacier. The Glacier is a valley glacier and is 27 miles long by 4 miles wide and is the largest glacier accessible by car in the US.

Pretty awesome sight and a nice overnight stay. The next day we headed on towards our next destination, Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site which is about 24 miles before Valdez. It is a small campground that sits below the summit of Thompson Pass. It is surrounded by mountains and meadows and has spectacular views. As we pulled into our site we wanted to start singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music". Below are some pictures taken as we drove into the park and where our site is.

Now  below are pictures taken from our site. Included are a few pictures of our first view of the moon in several months. As the sun hasn't gone down until after midnight and also there has been cloud coverage most nights this was the first time to see the moon. And we were lucky that is was full and what a beautiful site it was. The first day and night we had a lot of clouds and cool weather but that was to change come Sunday.

We just love this place. It is definitely in our top places to stay. It may be number one on the list. Besides the campground being gorgeous, you don't have to drive far for more beautiful scenery. There are numerous breathtaking waterfalls along the road to Valdez. The most spectacular, including Bridal Veil Falls are in the Keystone Canyon which is between our campground and Valdez.

The next post will include 4 water adventures we had while in this area, 3 kayaking trips and a boat cruise on the Prince William Sound.  So stay tuned. Below are a few more pictures of our camping area including the lovely Blueberry Lake itself and pictures taken from some of our windows in the motorhome. We are tucked into the trees and bushes with our front window facing the mountains across the road. Did I say this is our favorite spot.

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