Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eagles, Whales and Puffins MY MY

Last trip we took the all day boat cruise through the Kenai Fjords National Park to see glaciers and sealife, which was a wonderful trip. This time we took a dinner cruise to Fox Island where we got a special treat on the way back. The cruise is about 3 1/2 hours and heads to Fox Island along the shores of Resurrection Bay.

It was another typical cold afternoon but nice and warm in the cabin though we did venture outside of the cabin to take pictures. We drove up our campground and also saw some otters playing around.

This trip was taken at Marathon, our first campsite. Our rig is the third one on the left

We saw some beautiful scenery on the way to Fox Island, including glaciers and waterfalls.

We reached Fox Island, which is 12 miles south of Seward. It is an isolated island and home to the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge, which was our destination for dinner. It was served buffet style, with prime rib, wild salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables and rolls. The dinner was included in the price of the cruise though we did get one order of crab legs added for an additional cost. It was pretty good.

 We had about another hour for the return trip and it turned out to be exciting as we came near a pod of humpback whales. Everyone was oohing and aahing as the whales came in and old of the water putting on quite a show.

The tour guide told us to look where the birds all started congregating where the whales are feeding to wait for leftovers. The whales are on a group activity known as bubble netting. When they see a school of fish, they all dive below the surface and form a circle where they blow bubbles to form a net that the fish will not swim through. Then the whales ascend to the surface with their months open to catch as many fish as possible. Pretty awesome.

We were lucky to be able to see this, especially on the shorter dinner cruise. We continued back to the harbor enjoying some fresh baked warm chocolate cookies for desert. Then we were luck to see some eagles and a few more otters as we got back to the harbor.

Another day we made a return trip to the Sealife Center. It is Alaska's premier public aquarium and Alaska's only mammal rehabilitatio facility. It is a fun place to watch some of Alaska's birds and other mammals.

We even got to see the puffins being fed. They are my favorites.

 There were a lot of interesting looking creatures in the tanks.

We had a great week at Seward and our next stop is Homer, another seaside town to enjoy.

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