Thursday, July 2, 2015

Near Anchorage at 2 Great Spots, Bird Creek and Williwaw Campground

We needed to find a spot for the fourth of July weekend. Bird Creek Campground is part of the Chugach State Park and another nice spot near the Turagain Arm which has very radical tides. We got there at the beginning of the week to start off the month of July. It is also only about 15 or 20 minutes from Anchorage.

We went into Anchorage for some shopping. I got a new Kindle Paperwhite which is much easier to read on with the backlit screen. It sometimes is just too dark in our MH and hard to read. My computer also died. It won't charge and the Geek Squad at Best Buy said the charger worked and so probably the battery or the motherboard. As the computer was a low priced one it would cost more to fix than getting a new one. I found one I liked but they only had the display one. The person who helped us checked and saw there were four at their other store. She was going to call and have one put on hold but never did. When we went to the other store the so called salesperson said they didn't sell it at all and said they didn't have anything like that at all. He didn't even try to sell us something different. What a bad salesperson. Anyway I am holding off for now. I can use my phone for emails and looking at blogs,news etc. Plus we aren't getting internet or wifi much anyway.  We also stopped at a place near our campground and got some smoked fish. Joe got some reindeer sausage which he liked a lot. We also decided to check out one of our favorite campsites from our last Alaska trips, Wiliwaw Campground near Portage. This was in the middle of the week and we thought they would be full as the 4th is this weekend. However, there were a lot of sites open and we decided to move there the next day and spent a week there. Williwaw is a beautiful campground with sites like we have been staying at surrounded by trees. However, this government campground comes with its own glacier. Wow. It doesn't have hookups but only 9 dollars a night. What a bargin. So the next day we moved over to Williwaw.  The weather is not great. Rain of course. It's Alaska baby. But its beautiful so no complaints.

There are a number of good trails and we did a little hiking between the rain drops.

We can see this waterfall from our site

Middke Glacier seen from our campground

One of the other Glaciers in this area.
We had taken one of the boat cruises from Whittier, on our last trip,  which is just a few miles from our campsite. We will probably just take the one in Valdez this time around. We did make a return trip to the Alaska  Wildlife Conservation Center. It is a great place to see wildlife. It is also a refuge for sick, wounded and orphaned animals. They do a wonderful job of this. I'll have pictures on that and some of the Native American Hertiage Site we went to in Anchorage.

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