Thursday, September 17, 2015

Motor Home Upgrades and We head down the Coast back into California

Davis Cabinets did a great job on the work we had them do. We had all new wood valances put in, replacements for our existing ones and new ones that cover the rollers on our MCD shades in the front area. They also changed our sliding glass doors, which I hate trying to keep clean and finger print free, to beautiful wood ones.They also made a hew headboard in the bedroom. I plan to get a new bed cover as we now have more choices in colors we can use and aren't stuck matching the former valances and head board colors.. We also had a few other small things done and a few fixes and we are so pleased with their work.

We had pulled in to their place the day after Labor Day and left on Friday, back to the coast. We stopped again at Winchester Bay for the weekend. We went back over to a Seafood Market we went to on our previous time here/ We loved the smoked albacore which was marinated in pineapple juice. So good. Unfortunately they only had a small amount left. We bought up what they had and got some other smoked albacore that was also very good. On Saturday we drove over to some of the Oregon Dunes area which is just around the corner from the Harbor.

There were some ATVers there though I didn't get any pictures of them.
Our next stop was to Huntley Park, which is inland about 10 miles from the Coast at Gold Beach. We have stayed here in the past and really like this spot on the Rogue River.

Below are a few more pictures of the lovely Oregon Coast as we head into California on our way to the Jenner area.

Next blog will be our travels in northern and central Calif.

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