Thursday, September 10, 2015

Relaxing on the Water in Oregon

We stayed a few days at Clackamette RV Park, a city park in Oregon City, near Portland. It is a small 35 site park right on the Willamette River, We got a spot right on the water. We have stayed here a few years ago. The RV Park is next to a good sized park and was a great place for us to walk with Savannah. There is a small parking area right on the bank of the river in front of the campsites and it seems to be a place for people to stop and look at the view or maybe take a break from work. Lots of coming and goings.

A rare Airstream Motorhome

Park next to the campground
We continued on to thugene area. We had plans to stop into AM Solar for a quote on some additional solar panels and other related things. While there we ran into Vicki, a woman we knew from Jojoba. It was fun to see her and talk about our adventures this summer. It turns out AM Solar is booked until December and so we are putting this project off for awhile. We also went to Davis Cabinets to talk to them about some work we want them to do. They are the ones who built our desk/table for us and do great work. We set up a time and will come back the day after Labor Day.  We then drove towards the coast on the road that ends in Florence. We spent one night at the 3 River Casino. Again no gambling but we did have dinner there. The next day we headed a few hours down the coast to a new spot for us. Boice-Cope, a nice county park on a bluff right above Floras Lake. It is in Langlois and is near Bandon. On the other side of the lake are sand dunes and there is a trail to the ocean. It gets quite windy and the day we got there, there were a number of wind surfers. It looks like a great place to learn and there looked to be a few on the water doing just that.

Savannah walking to the Lake

It was nice to just sit and watch the kite and wind surfers. Savannah had fun in the water and rolling around in the dirt.

Next we left our great new find where we hope to return to in the future. Our next stop is Winchester Bay which is just south of Reedsport. There is a lot of no hookup sites that are available on a first come first serve basis right in the Harbor. We have stayed here before. We were lucky to get the last of the slightly larger sites right on the water as someone had just left a few hours before.

Ship to the right of our site

Commercial Campground across the bay from our site
 We got some lovely sunsets which we haven't seen much of the last few months.

We continued to just take it easy and enjoy the views from our motorhome. The weather is still a little chilly. There are a number of lighthouses in the area but we had checked them out on past trips. We spent 8 days here including the Labor Day weekend  We met a nice couple who were next to us. They had a place in Ojai which they recently sold. They spent the summer here while he works on boats and will be heading towards San Diego for the winter. Fishing is big here including crabbing. We gets crabs all the time and gave us a couple. Joe got all the meat out of the legs and body and the next day I made some crab cakes with a tartar sauce and they were delish, After going crazy taking pictures in Alaska and Canada, I haven't taken very many in Oregon, especially as we have been here before and there are a lot in the blog from the summer of 2013. With good internet Joe has been catching up with work and we have been watching some  tv after no tv for most of the summer.
We left on Labor Day and made our way inland staying at the Valley River Mall. It is a great freebie site where you can camp upto two days. We got here late and are leaving early in the morning to get to Davis Cabinets first thing. However, we stayed here for a few days last time. The parking is in a large parking area in the back but right near the river and a bike path. There is a park right on the other side of the bridge and we biked through it last time. Pretty nice place for being in an urban setting and we even had a small view of the lake from the MH. We are now at Davis Cabinets and they are suppose to be done with the work we are having done tomorrow. I'll let you know what we had done and have some pictures of the work in the next post.

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