Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The French Quarter

Tuesday we went into the French Quarter. THere is a shuttle from the campground into the area which is good as driving in that part of New Orleans isn't recommended. Once we got there, we decided to get a pass to use the street cars so we could get an overview of the area.  There are three different lines, St Charles, Canal Street and Riverfront. They all start downtown but go to different areas. We started on the Riverfront but switched over to the St Charles. It started in the Business area but then goes through 100 year old Oak Trees and past many antebellum mansions.

It started raining and so we decided to head back to the French Quarter. Luckily we brought an umbrella as rain had been predicted for the next few days. Oh Joy. We walked around on Bourbon St and some of the other streets in the Quarter. I really like a lot of the architectural of the buildings but we weren't that crazy about Bourbon Street itself. I guess night time would be better to bar hop and listen to music. I had a few restaurants in mind, such as one of Emeril's but with the rain we just wanted to pick one without walking too far. We found one called the Royal House Oyster Bar which has seafood and creole/cajun food. We got a nice little table right by some open French doors so we could watch the rain coming down and people watch as well. Joe got a muffuleta and I got a taste of New Orleans, which had small cups of gumbo, crawfish etouffee and jambalaya.


After lunch we walked around in the rain. We walked over to a museum but it was closed, maybe because it was election day(we mailed our absentee .ballots last week)    We watched a scene being filmed what we heard later was for a soap.

We had a few hours before the shuttle would pick us up and so we ended up just going into a few bars to get out of the rain. It was raining hard enough so even with an umbrella we were getting wet. Maybe it was partly because of the rain but we wouldn't say this was one of our favorite places. We would have liked to take a tour of the garden district or a swamp and bajou tour but with the rain that was out. And tomorrow is expected to bring more rain. Just part of traveling. It seems we have rain almost everywhere but we have had our share of beautiful sunny days too. Can't really complain. We caught the shuttle and headed back to the campground where we could just look out the windows at the rain while we have our fireplace on and are cozy and warm.

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