Monday, November 1, 2010

New Orleans

Monday, we left Florida and made our way to New Orleans. As we neared the area, more construction. What a surprise. Looks like they are building new bridges. These are higher up which makes sense in this area.

We arrive at Pontchartrain Landing RV Park. It is just on the outside of New Orleans. You drive through an industrial area. We would probably have been worried about the area, but had read about it in RV Reviews and had been mentioned it was in a relatively safe area. We got signed in and set up. Here is the view from our site which is right on the Canal.

      It is our anniversary today but we decided to celebrate tomorrow when we go into the French Quarter. The resort has a bar and outdoor seating over looking the water. They also offer pizza and wings and so that sounded good to us. We ended up spending several hours there talking to some other people who were camping there. One couple was from Texas and the other from Hawaii. The couple from Hawaii had gone into town last night for Halloween plus it was Voodoo Days weekend, which was a big music festival that included Ozzy Osbourne and Muse, among many other groups. There was also a football game that day and so from what we heard, it was pretty crazy.                                                   

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