Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kayaking, Biking and Relaxing in Florida

We took another bike ride over to the Gulf side. A very nice ride. We did see a sign that said to watch out for alligators but it was middle of the day and I guess they were sleeping somewhere. Beaches are very nice with white sands like the Caribbeans and clear water as well.

     In the picture above you can see some of the sand dunes and also one of the many high rise hotels in the distance.

On Thursday we moved to our new spot that actually has a better view as there is no one directly in front of us. We are staying here through the 1st.

We did some kayaking, just carrying our boats over to the shore near our camp spot. Always nice.
It was on the weekend and so there were a number of boats on the water including some big ones, one freighter.   So we had some wave action. Just another beautiful day. I saw a school of small fish and we saw a jelly fish as well. Also  saw a fin of what might have been a porpoise but it didn't come all the way out of the water.

Most of the people with kids had left Sunday and so no trick or treaters and so just had a quiet evening.                                                                                                               

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