Thursday, October 21, 2010


Wednesday was another of the rainy days we seem to have at least once no matter where we go. Thursday was a nice sunny daly and  we drove over to Yorktown, another historic site near the York River. We first went to the Vistor Center and decided to take a tour of teh Yorktown Battlefield. On October 19, 1781, a British army under General Charles Lord Cornwallis was forced to surrender to General Washington’s combined American and French army at this site. The guide discussed the battle and showed us some of the weapons used.

We walked on down through the town of York where the last major battle of the American Revolution was bought in 1781. By the early 1700's the town itself was a major port serving Williamsburg, the new capital of Virginia
Yorktown Victory Momument, which was first momument authorized by Continental Congress just a short time after the battle but not erected for 100 years.

House of Thomas York Jr, governor of Virginia in 1781

We continued our walk to the river front and found  a pub  for some lunch.


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