Monday, October 11, 2010

2nd Day in Boston

We all drove to the train station and get rode the train into Boston. I had already downloaded tickets for a different Trolley than we used yesterday. It went around a little more of the Boston area including Cambridge. I had some issues printing but our luck held again and we just made the train.

We caught the trolley and drove around for awhile and got off near Fenway Park where we had decided to do a tour. Brock and Kristi are big baseball fans.

Our tour guy was a 79 year old who was very funny. Lots of corny but funny jokes and his presentation had everyone laughing. He was also very infomative with the history of Fenway Park and the Red Sox who have played there since April 1912,almost a hundred years ago. The Red Sox  were very successful in the early years. Then the owner wanted to fiance a play on Broadway called No No Nanette. So what did he do to raise the money but sell a number of the players including Babe Ruth. Not a smart move. They didn't do so well in the 20's.
There were a number of changes to the Park. One was in 1936 when a 23 1/2 foot tall screen was added on top of the 37 foot left field wall to protect the windows of buildings on a near by street. When the wall's advertisements were covered by green paint in 1947, Fenway's signature feature, the Green Monster, was born.

We jumped back on the trolley and got off near the Freedom Trail and walked over to see the Paul Revere House. It was built in 1676 and is the oldest buiding still standing in the city of Boston.

Paul Revere House

We walked through the North End of Boston and stopped at one of the many Italian  restaurants in that area. Strega was a very nice one. Small and intimate. Strega means witch and the decore fits that theme. Also there are a number of flat screen tvs showing mafia movies, such as the Godfather movies and Good Fellas. Kristi though some of the Sopranos were sitting near us. HA! Food was delicious. I had seafood risotto which was actually heavier on seafood than rice. I couldn't eat it all though I certainly tried. Kristi and Brock both had pasta dishes and Joe had veal medallions. We had a wonderful gelato that was pistachio with coconut. We all shared that.

We walked back to the train station at the North End that was only a few blocks or so. We had to wait a little while and so bought some donuts for tomorrow at a Dunkin Donuts in the Station. We found out on the tour that there are 3,000 Dunkin Donut shops in Massachussets. There is literallly almost one on every corner in Boston. So we just had to buy some before we left the area.


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