Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cape Cod

We had a day before Kristi and Brock arrive on Tuesday. We had to get something at Home Depot and so we took a drive up towards Providencetown. We are staying in the Sandwich area and Providencetown is at the very tip of the island. Sandwich is the oldest of the Cape towns. Scusset campground is on the Cape Cod Canal. We drove on the highway which was mostly trees on both sides. We went to Home Depot in Hyannis and decided to save the trip all the way to Providencetown for when Kristi and Brock arrive. On the way back we took the more scenic route which went through the small towns and villages and by lots of great looking old houses. We went out to dinner at a sea food restaurant in Sandwich called Capitan Scotts. It is a restaurant that has been around since the early 50's. It started out as a small fish market and later became a restaurant. Either Joe or I had ever had Maine Lobster and so decided to try that. It was good but we both like lobster tail better.
Kristi and Brock arrived early afternoon on Tuesday. We decided to take the trip all the way to Providencetown and took the scenic road. It was rainy and so didn't get out of the car much.

Tip of Providencetown

Nikki, Brock and Kristi braving the cold

We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Providencetown harbor. The name of the restaurant is the Lobster Pot. 
We all had clam chowder and different types of seafood. Everything was good and the service was as well.
We found our way back home in the dark and just watched a little tv and relaxed.

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