Sunday, October 17, 2010

Onto Virginia

We had another rainy day on Friday and so didn't do too much unfortunately. We watched another Ducks game which ended with an overtime loss in a shoot out. At least we got a point. Saturday very early morning, Kristi and Brock left for the airport to return to So Cal. We got up long enough to say our good byes and then went back to sleep. We just relaxed our last day as it was still another rainy day. Took a couple more pictures of the river before we left for Virginia. We really liked this campground and would love to come back again a little earlier in the fall when it is a little warmer but hopefully will have the river running. We don't much, do we? We are getting spoiled with some of the beautiful places we have seen.

We missed the peak of the fall colors in Vermont but had the right timing on our drive through Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania on the way to Virginia.            


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