Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kayaking at Waller Mill Park

Yesterday when we got back, one of the people who worked there asked if we had taken our boats out yet. We had mentioned we checked out the James River but we don't decided where we wanted to paddle. He told us about a place that was just 5 minutes away from the campground. We weren't enough aware of it and decided to check it out today. It was easy to find. We did have to pay to enter the Park and a small charge for launching our boats. It was worth it. We had a very enjoyable paddle in a beautiful spot. There was even some fall colors on the trees that crowded the banks of the lake. When we first started off, we went through a tunnel that went under the roadway. We saw a few people fishing at the start of the paddle but didn't see anyone else until we were on the way back. Then when we started to go back through the tunnel, we had to wait for a boat to go through, Then another and another. Traffic jam. Also glad Joe paid attention as you could hardly see the place where the opening of the tunnel is when you heading back.


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