Sunday, November 28, 2010

Racing in Parker

Friday, we left Safford and headed on to Parker, Arizona. It was about a 7 hour drive. We decided to just stay at the Blue Water Casino in their parking lot for a few days while we are here for Michael's races. It is free which is nice. No hook ups so will be using generator and solar. WHen we got there, we were surprised at how many motor homes were parked at the Casino. I am sure the Casino doesn't mind as they know most people camping there will probably spend some money at the Casino. In fact we did. Casey, Michael and Chris arrived with the boats about 9 o'clock and hadn't eaten and so we went over to the Casino for a bite to eat. It was nice catching up on what everyone has been doing since we last saw our boys in June.
Casey and Michael got a room at the Hotel and Chris stayed with us.
The APBA(American Power Boat Association) races were being held both Friday and Saturday. However, Michael had to work on Friday and so only participated on Saturday. This is the APBA/ SCSC 63rd annual Thanksgiving regatta. It is also the last race of the season. Michael has two boats he is racing. He races the small hydro planes. His brothers help him out. He had some issues with his boats. He ended up borrowing an engine for one of his boats. Everyone there is very helpful that way. Michael ended up with two third place finishes. He thought he had won second place in one race but they checked his boat and the engine wasn't exactly sitting the way it was suppose to and he got disqualified on that one.

Michael pulls away in his little red boat

Casey waiting for the start of the race

Working on the engine

Chris and Casey pushing Michael out into the water

Close race at the moment
           Here are some pictures of the other types of boats that raced

   Above is a picture showing both Michael's boats. Casey recently bought a boat but it is just the basic boat without engine, etc. He will be buying parts for it as he finds them and then will start racing also. He did race earlier this summer in someone else's boat and had a lot of fun. Chris has been a great brother helping Michael out. Go Dirty Racing Team!!!!

We went over to the Casino and had their buffet which was very reasonably priced. Not like Las Vegas. At least these days. We then went to the award ceremony where Michael got several.

The boys left Sunday morning but we are staying through Monday. We spent some time checking out several campgrounds and are planning on going to Cattail Cove State Park in Lake Havasu, which is right on the river. We'll be there until Friday when we will head back to Newport Dunes. Back to California.



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