Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art in the Desert

We spent a little time in Newport until a date for our Mom's memorial was set. As the Celebration of her Life will not be until the 22nd, we decided to go back out to the Desert. Before we left, we took our kids out to dinner to celebrate Karol's BDay. We went to El Ranchito in Newport, which is a great Mexican restaurant. Thursday we headed to J & L Repair to have a couple of things fixed and have one of the slides tweaked a little. They got everything done on Friday and we left to return to Oasis Palm RV. While checking in, we discovered that there is going to be a Chili Cook off on Saturday. Cool, I had a new chili recipe I wanted to try. Saturday night, we took our chili that had cooked all day in the crock pot over to the meeting/game room. There were 14 different chili dishes and all completely different. Lots of fun tasting. There were also some salads and desserts. We had a good time talking to the people there, some of who were here when we were here before. The San Francisco/NewOrleans game was on the big screen and yippee, San Fran won. Hoping for them to be in the Super Bowl.

Tuesday we took a drive to Borrego Springs. In the middle of the desert, are these awesome sculptures.
Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs envisioned the idea of adding 'free standing art' to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by

artist Richard Breceda. There are 129 metal sculptures all over the town.



350' Serpent starts on one side of the street and ends on the other

The sculptures are on the Estates, which are privately owned but there is no
fencing and you can drive right up to them for close looks. In fact the owner allows camping
on his land for up to 3 days. What a great person.

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