Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Retro at the Palms Hotel

I had read about a great restaurant, Red Ocotillo, which is also pet friendly and so we decided to check it out for lunch. It is in the Palms Hotel, a retro hotel right out of the 50's. Built in 1958 in the modern California style, it was reconstructed in 1993. It was originally called the Hoberg Desert Resort and was a getaway for movie stars and included a landing strip for them to fly into the area. It was interesting to walk around the restaurant area and check out the old photos. They also had copies of the menus from the early days. A Thanksgiving menu which included choices of filet mignon or duckling and included all the fixings and deserts had a top price of $3.00!! WOW. The restaurant itself was very nice. We sat outside on the partially covered patio overlooking the pool and the desert views beyond. Food was delicious and Savannah got her own water bowl and a biscuit.

On Sunday, we went to Kristi and Brock's for the Celebration of Life of our Mom. There were lots of family and friends there to remember Mom. She would have loved a party and wanted us all to remember the good times and not be sad. She always said go out and have fun. Don't wait. There was a lot of good food. We brought a bunch of sandwiches with money given to us by the people from Joe's work, which was much appreciated. We brought some other food as did others and no one went hungry. Kori put together a great video with pictures of Mom, from a young child to her later days with family and friends. The music background included Frank Sinatra and Bobby Short, Mom and Dad's favorite singers. It was lovely.

Monday, we head to Quartzite to meet up with some fellow rv'ers, which should be fun.

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