Monday, January 2, 2012

Dorothy M. Wise- Mother

Our New Year didn't start off good at all. Those of us with elderly parents know the day will come and they will receive a phone call with bad news. Unfortunatly, our day came and I got a call from the Hospital in Mission Viejo that my mom was there and had a heart attack. We were a few hours away by car and headed to the Hospital but knew we wouldn't be in time. Kristi and Brock took my Dad and he was able to be with her in her last hours. We got there and we able to see her sweet face one last time. She had that  horrible disease, dementia and so her short term memory was pretty much gone. She knew us and could talk about the past but would all of a sudden ask where she was and who were these people there even when she had been at the care home for months. I will always remember when she would tell a funny joke or would talk to anyone. One time Kristi and I went into a department store for some Christmas shopping and she waited outside at a fountain We came out and she was talking away with some new found friend sharing life stories. That was the way she was, always friendly to all. She didn't work after she married my Dad but was always involved with volunteering at PTA and Church groups. The PTA put on a play, Peter Pan and she was a big hit as Michael. I loved when she in all her 4'11 glory would give my 6'2 Dad a big hug around the waist. There are so many marriages that don't make it. However, my Mom and Dad were so in love for almost 65 years. All couples fight but I don't remember ever hearing them say a mean word to each other. She would tease him but always with love. I am sure that is part of why Kristi and my marriages are also so successful with such a great example.
Mom and me

Another with my Mom and me

Chris and Grandma

Mom and me and Casey and Michael

A Thanksgiving in the 90s

Heather and Grandma

Mom and Dad on 50th Wedding Anniversary

With Joe and Erna, life long friends along with
Heather at annual family picnic in 80s.

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