Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to water - Lake Havasu

We left Quartzsize and headed north back to Lake Havasu State Park, where we spend some time in December. We snagged another great spot Actually two great spots as we originally were going to only stay for 3 days but decided to stay until Monday, the 6th. This state park has such nice big sites and incredible views. And this time we had mostly great weather. only about one full day of wind, unlike last time which was windy most of the time we were there. We had some things to take care of before our trip to Mexico We had to take Savannah to a vet to get a few shots and her health certificate needed for the trip. The people at Lange Veterinary were great and pricing much better than California. We had a few trips to stock up on groceries and Joe had to make some phone calls to get Mexican Car Insurance and cards from our regular insurance agency needed for out of country coverage Otherwise, we just took it easy, doing nothing more strenuous than some walks around the campground.


Savannah gives this place 5 Paws

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