Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day at Sea

On sunday we took a boat ride to San Jorge Island, or what is known as Bird Island. It was an all day affair as the ride one way was 2 !/2 hours. Bird Island is a very important biological sanctuary for  birds, mammals and sealife. It is classified as a federal zone, and in 1978 was decreed a Reserved Area of Shelter for migratory birds and wild fauna.
 There are many  tropic birds, marine swallow, blue footed boobies,  seagulls and more. Also there are great herds of sea lions, one of the biggest colonies of sea lions in the Gulf of California.We saw some dolphins on the way.

 As we approached the island, we could see why it was called Bird Island. However, it also could have been called Seal Island, as there are hundreds of seals and sea lions in this area. It is one of the largest colony in the Gulf of California.



We had lunch while we were there and some engaged in some other activites other than watching the seals play around.

     Below are some pictures of the marina. This area has been a fishing area for many, many years. It only became a tourist area in the 90's. Unfortunately the last few years have not been good to this town. With the bad economy in the US and the Drug Wars that have kept many Americans away, it has had a bad effect on their economy We saw many businesses closed down and unfinished hotels. We feel this area is very safe and hope business will pick up again soon.


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