Monday, February 27, 2012

It's All About the Motorhome

Well, our next stops do revolve around the Motor home. We spent one night at Organ Pipe after our Mexico adventure and then headed to Casa Grande, AZ. We stayed the night at the Escapees SKP Park where we were having two more solar panels installed. Our original solar installation that included 4 panels was done at AM Solar in Oregon. Joe found out that there was an authorized installer in Casa Grande and so we ordered two panels before we went to Mexico. The installation went pretty fast and so we headed back to Lake Havasu to have the MCD shades we ordered, again before the Mexico trip, installed. Wednesday we checked into Lake Havasu State Park and on Thursday had the shades installed Everything looks great with shades throughout A nice clean look. While there they mentioned they had a fix for our slide toppers that are getting old and coming apart a little. So the next day we went back to 3 T's RV Products to have them take care of that issue. Oh, we did have a little excitement while there. One of the guys was getting set to move the MH a little to do the repair and Savannah and I were sitting on the coach when we spotted something flying around inside the MH. The repair person screamed like a little boy. It was a bat. I wanted to go to Carlsbad Caverns to see the bats come out of the caves which they do at dusk during the summer months but didn't expect to see a bat in my own RV.
Up Close and Personal!!!
With that work done, we had a few days to relax at Lake Havasu State Park, one of my favorite state parks.

The park is full starting on Sunday as there is a Blue Grass festival next week and so we stopped at a Casino Sunday night and then onto Fontana to have J&L RV Repair take a look at our slide problem.  Hopefully we will then be done for awhile for RV work, though at least this time some of the work was something that we were excited to have done. The shades are a great upgrade and the solar panels will be a great help as we continue to boondock more and more.                                                                     


  1. While it isn't an issue with me as I check your blog just about every day, yours is coming up with an older date. It states Feb 27 for this entry, but this is March 2. Even if you posted yesterday evening, it is still a couple of days off, what with February having 29 days.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Thanks, I do backdate my entries sometimes as I am not real good at keeping up to date on a regular basis. Glad you are still enjoying my blog. This is a great life, isn't it? So many beautiful places to go and things to see.