Monday, January 21, 2013

Jurassic Park of Borrego Springs

Galleta Meadows Estates was the property of Dennis Avery, who envisioned adding free standing art to that property. He commissioned Ricardo Breceda to create the metal sculptures that dot the landscape throughout Borrego Springs. Sadly, Mr. Avery died last July at the age of 71 but everyone who comes to Borrego Springs will be able to see enjoy these wonderful sculptures because of him. We saw some of the artwork last year when we were here but only on the north side. This time we checked out the south side, which is a trip back to prehistoric times. We had driven on Borrego Springs Road for a few miles and all of a sudden there were giant beasts everywhere you looked. We had gone back in time.






We're not in Kansas anymore, Savannah


"Wild Horses, couldn't drag me away" Rolling Stones




We really enjoyed the Sky Art of Borrego Springs.

Saturday was a great day, HOCKEY is back!!!!! Even better, our Ducks beat Vancouver 7 to 3. What a great first game of the shorten season. And the old man :) Teemu got four points. Nothing slows Selanne down. He is still the Finnish Flash and we love him.

Monday morning we watched the Inauguration and then packed up for our next journey from the quiet Borrego Springs desert to the zoo that is Quartzsize.



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