Thursday, January 24, 2013

Put up a Tent and RV'ers Will Come

We said good bye and see ya later to Borrego Springs and Anza Borrego and made our way out of California to Arizona. We decided to go on Hwy 78 which we don't remember ever traveling on before. It was a nice scenic drive. We passed through the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area and Glamis. This is a major area for sand toys. such as ATVs and other off road vehicles.




This might be a place to spend some time at in the future. We only had a few hours drive to reach Quartzsize. We actually found a spot at Dome Rock, about 5 miles outside of town. We were here a few times last winter, including spending some time during the big show, which is now going on. Quartzsize is a small desert town with a population of around 3,000, a town you would normally barely glance at on your way through. Once a year for several weeks, though, it turns into a major gathering of hundreds and thousands of RVers. A huge tent is erected and filled with vendors with all types of rv items. Outside is a swap meet/flea market where artwork, jewelry, and knick knacks galore are sold. It is a crazy scene, but all rvers should do it at least once. There are also many social gatherings, such as the escapees rv group who have several different get togethers. One we went to last year was the Escapees Chapter 8 Mexican Connection, which is the same group we are going to San Felipe at the beginning of February. We thought they would have one this year but didn't after all. We went to the show a couple of times and got a few things, such as more led lights which are almost done buying as replacements for the less energy friendly light bulbs that came with the motorhome. We also got some shelf organizers for the kitchen area cabinets. Always trying to find ways to make our home more organized.

Quartzsize Swap Meet

Thousands of Boondockers
More Boondockers
Below is Dome Rock, which we can see from our site. We are parked on a upper level off of Dome Rock Road with nice views of the hills and lights of the city at night.

Dome Rock
Below is a picture of our backyard.


Love the desert sunsets.




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