Saturday, January 5, 2013

There will be Dancing

We have spent the last few weeks here at Oasis Palms in Thermal, Ca near the Salton Sea. We spent a nice Christmas at my sister and brother in law. Unfortunately Kristi had been suffering from a virus and wasn't feeling her best. Brock took over some of the cooking and made a great corn with cheese casserole dish which was great. Hey Kristi, maybe you have a new cook in the family. We went to a New Year's party here at the park which was fun. Everyone brought appetizers and drinks and we enjoyed talking to everyone. Then as the New Year began, we all started dancing. We don't go dancing like we use to in our younger days and so this was a great treat. It is a pretty park with good rates. It is a Passport America park and so we only pay $111 a week which includes full hookups. There are also orange, tangerine, lemons and grapefruit trees and everyone can pick as much as you want. I have had half a grapefruit every day and used lemons for a lemon blueberry bread I took for XMAS and a fish dish.

Savannah loves her grass. She does her business right away when we take her out versus in the desert where she wanders all over trying to find the perfect spot.

Above is the view across the road. You can get a small view of the Salton Sea behind the trees. Last time we were in this desert area, we visited Salvation Mountain, the Slabs and the sculptures that are all over the Borrego Springs area among other things. We haven't done too much this time, other than a few trips into La Quinta for shopping at Trader Joe's and Walmart for food, Petco for Savannah food and Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond for some projects and upgrades we wanted to do. And of course laundry which we normally wait to do when we are at a commercial campground rather than find one in town. We did take a hike to Palm Slot, which is off the S22, the road to Borrego Springs. You can drive down to the entrance to the Slot Canyons if you have 4 wheel drive. We mostly saw people walking which is about a mile. We first drove up a 4 wheel drive only section to get a nice view of the area. We stopped at a pull off site for lunch and then decided to go back down to the Palm Slot entrance. Luckily we didn't run into any other cars coming the other way as it is a narrow road. You aren't allow to take dogs on trails in the Anza Borrego Park, but I had read several blogs where people did take their dogs on this particular trail and we saw several people while we were there with dogs. Savannah had a good time as we did in this. There are several slot canyons in the Badlands area of the Park, which contain numerous canyons and washes which are mostly shallow except when they cut through resistant sandstone layers and create slow canyons up to 100 feet deep and very narrow in spots. The curving landscape and different rock structures are very interesting.

We went under a natural bridge above and walked through open and then narrow spaces, some of which we had to do a little climbing or bending down to get under the rocks above.

How do these trees manage to grow among these rocks?
Savannah had no problem climbing around the rocks.

A fun hike and hopefully we will do a few more as we signed up for another week here at Oasis Palm. We were going to just stay through next Saturday but will leave Sunday so we can stay for the chili cookoff on Saturday night. I guess we will be making another shopping trip to get the ingredients for the chili we will be making. Yum, can't wait to try all the different ones.

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