Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Waterfall at Cuyahoga National Park

One day we drove over to Cuyahoga National Park, which is not far from Cleveland.  The Cuyahoga River winds its way through green forests, rolling hills and farmlands. This whole area is so beautiful. On the drive there we pass lots of big homes with lots of property. Both here and in Michigan, we have driven these back roads with these nice well kept homes and yards, most without fencing, unlike Southern California where most homes have at least back fences.
We got to the visitor center with a large parking lot where many visitors start their hiking or biking on the Towpath Trail that goes through the historical area of the  Erie and Ohio Canals. We had though of walking part of the path. However, it is Sunday and there are big crowds. It looks like all bikers and doesn't look like the time to walk, especially as we have Savannah with us. We will have to remember to bring our bikes the next time we are in this area, which we would like to return to. We only got a little taste of the Park and the whole area. Anyway, we had seen a sign down the road for a trail to a waterfall and so that is where we head.

 We got our first look at the waterfall through the trees.  

There had been a saw mill at the top of the hill and some power building. There was still the remains of an electric company on the trail.

We walked along the gorge with views of the beautiful 65 foot waterfall on boardwalks and steps which lead down to a creek.

Note the colors on the rocks at the side of the waterfall.

We walked for awhile on another side trail.

There is also a train ride that you can take through the park. Another thing we would like to do another time.
We could have stayed longer but it is getting close to the Fourth of July and we need to make our way into New York. We have reservations for 4 days at another state park near Niagara Falls and then are going to be spending some time around the 4th in the Finger Lakes area. Originally we had only decided to stay near Cleveland because of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and at Maumee Lake because it was a good middle point between our last Michigan stop and the Cleveland area. We have enjoyed both Michigan and Ohio so much and would love to come back and explore some more. However, for now we continue east with our next stop, New York.

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