Saturday, June 28, 2014

Onto the Fingers Lakes and an Oops

WE are still going east but still in New York. Keuka Lake State Park is in the Finger Lakes area. Keuka Lake is one of  the long thin lakes that give the area its name as the lakes look like fingers. We like the campground though we got off to a bad start. This area has had a lot of rain and we didn't realize that our assigned site's grass was so soaked that we got stuck in mud that was under the grass. We tried to put pieces of wood under the tires to try to get ourselves out but weren't having any luck. Fortunately a nice guy named Steve was just driving his fifth wheel through our loop and said he would come back and try to help.
He was able to pull out how fairly easily. Another lesson learned. Check out the site more thoroughly before backing into it.

 It is a very pretty area. We don't have lake views but lots of trees and plenty of sitting room outside.
The lake is at a lower elevation and the views from there are of some vineyard covered slopes.

This is a big wine area and we did a little wine tasting. Saturday we drove around the area and stopped in at a dog friendly winery called Prejean Winery.  Later I was reading about the winery and found out that the owners had actually lived in San Francisco and often went to the wineries just a short drive from them in Napa and Sonoma. This kindled their dream to someday have their own winery. Years later they moved to the East Coast and one day realized their dream, starting a winery in the beautiful countryside of the Finger Lakes.  The wines we have tasted have been pretty good and we bought a few bottles. Their pricing is very reasonable, much cheaper than California. In fact, their tasting pricing at this winery was only $2 for five tastes and that went towards the cost of the wine we purchased. Plus they were having a sale on one of the wines, 2 for 1 and the fact we bought 3 bottles with the fourth free, we got a discount and so only paid around 25 dollars for the four bottles which also included the tasting for both of us. Our last wine tasting in Temecula was 20 dollars for a tasting of 6 wines and the wines much more expensive.
The drive around Keaku and Seneca is very scenic and more lovely old houses and lots of farm land and produce markets. We stopped at a small produce market I had read about in one of  the blogs I follow where I also had read about their stay at Keuka Lake SP and Sampson SP, our next spot. We bought some blueberries and cherries and I went back the next day for some peaches. In the same blog, Watsons Wonders, she had a recipe for chicken tostada with a blueberry and peach salsa, and I copied her idea for that too. It was really good. Love fruit salsas.

Town of Penn Yan

We have a few hiking outings planned over the next few days which will be in my next post.

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