Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Only Rock and Roll and I like it

We had a great few weeks at Maumee Lake. One of the reasons we stayed that long other than the fact that we loved it was a bizarre problem Joe had getting some prescriptions filled. Two days before the end of May, he had gotten a text that his endocrinologist was retiring and to contact his primary doctor. He called his primary doctor and was told they would okay the refills. So about a week later he stopped at Walmart to get his prescription and called the doctor to let them know that Walmart would be coming. Well, it turned out his doctor had passed away in April. They had a doctor that was taking over but she quit within the last week. Yikes, now what to do. He ended up going to a local doctor and got them to okay them. However, he only could get one of them for three months. It is a very expensive one not covered by Medicare and he really wanted to get a generic one instead. He'll have to wait until he gets back to Jojoba and sees a new doctor for that. This all changes our plans some as we were originally not going to get back to Calif until late October or even November but will not need to be back sometime in September. We are still going to go as far as Maine but won't go down as far as Florida as originally planned. No problem, we are flexible.
Anyway we left Maumee Lake SP and made a few nights stop at West
Branch SP southeast of Cleveland. It was a nice park but for some reason I didn't take any pictures. We just spent our one full day there going to Trader Joe's and checking out another park a little closer to Cleveland, which turned out to be our next stop.

Punderson State Park is a large state park with a large natural lake, a manor house and cottages, a golf course as well as a camping area. Another great Ohio State Park. We got there for the weekend and it never got really full, at least in our section.
Saturday we went to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and, Museum, which was the main reason we wanted to stay in this area. It is right in the downtown are on Lake Erie.

Downtown Cleveland

Harbor Area
Of course being the weekend it was mobbed. The Rock and Roll foundation started 25 years ago to celebrate the music and musicians that changed the world. A few years later the building that would house the Museum was built. The architect for the amazing looking building was the renowned I. M. Pei.
The museum has many galleries showcasing the different periods of time in the evolution of rock and roll from the early days of Elvis, to Motown, Beatles and Rolling Stones,  LA Rock in the 6o's , NY in the Punk Rock Days on up to Hip Hop.All those musicians who were honored as Rock and Rock Hall of Fame inductees are showcased.

Guitars everywhere, including Black Sabbath, the Doors, Bruce Springstein, Jimi Hendrix, Sex Pistols, Soundgarden and more.

Rage Against the Machine Van


Lots of on stage outfits, such as
Jay Z, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Beatles Sgt Pepper outfit, Sly of Sly and the Family Stone and one from the Rolling Stones.

We also watched a film that showed the origins of Rock and Roll which was mostly the blues from the south. Another interesting time which brought back many memories, especially all the rock concerts we attended over the years. We still love rock and roll, oldies as well as current rock music. Hail,Hail,Rock and Roll!!!

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