Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Top 10 Site in Tennessee

Poole Knobs Campground is a Corp of Engineer Park on the Percy Priest Lake, not far from Nashille. When we got to the campground, the host said that someone had just left a day

early from the best site in the park. So we took that already paid for site and another couple days. We would later, as predicted by the host, go and sign up for one more day. If we could have stayed longer, we would have. This is a site I would get advanced reservations for two weeks. It is a pull through facing the lake with a cement patio in front of the MH and a few steps and a ramp down to another big patio area. Then you have a small grass area and the water.

There area a number of other sites on the water but only two have these nice patio areas and are this close to the water. Oh and this is a corp of engineer campground and so we pay half price, which comes to 12 dollars a night for electric and water. Can't bet the COE campgrounds. As I mentioned in the title of this post, This was a top favorite of ours in all our travels and we have been to a lot of nice parks.

We went into East Nashville one day to go to Trader Joe's.  Very busy. TJ's was packed and this was in the middle of a weekday afternoon! Then we stopped at an outdoor farmer market for some fruit and veggies. I couldn't resist some interesting looking peas, which are called purple hull peas and I think are only grown in the south, especially in Arkansas. I later made a dish using these fresh peas cooked with bacon, onions and garlic and served it over some brown rice. Very tasty. I also got some fruit which I think is a type of grape but with a slightly harder outer skin and a green jelly like center. They were also good. We were going to spend some time in the more historic part of Nashville but really wanted to just enjoy our lake front view. We have been pretty busy in the last weeks, especially in DC and Maine and wanted some downtime in a great setting. We did finally get our Sea Eagle boat out and did some kayaking.  After some kayaking we added the sail equipment and Joe did some sailing. Savannah and I were content to just sit and check out the views and I did some reading.

We got more beautiful sunsets. Thursday came and no one cancelled their reservation for this spot(darn) and so we are off to another Tennessee campground near Memphis.

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