Monday, August 4, 2014

Shenandoah National PArk

We left DC and went out way south to Virginia. Our destination is Shenandoah NP. There are four campgrounds in the park. We entered from the north end meeting our first challenge. We weren't sure we were going to be able to get through the entrance as the overhang looked low. I walked up and checked with the rangers there. One of them said we should be able to get through on one of the sides. One was too low and we made it through with an inch to spare. However, they told us there was a tunnel ahead that was 12'8", one inch too short. There is a campground before the tunnel and another entrance station we could use if we wanted to go farther down. We first drove to the visitor center and talking to one of the rangers there decided on Loft Mountain, which is the farthest one down. We decided to drive back to the entrance we came and go around and enter back into the Park down there. It would be a beautiful drive but lots of windy roads and low hanging branches. We got to Loft Mountain and got the last of the pull through sites that had somewhat of a view.It is lovely.

From the sitting area you can see a little bit of the mountain and there is a short path to a point where you have awesome views. This is also where you can take a hike on the trail that goes around the park. Actually it is part of the Appalachian Trail.

One day while there we did hike on the trail. The area we walked went through the heavily treed path with flowers, ferns and even some mushrooms.

After our hike we took a drive on Skyline Drive. It goes from one end of the NP to the other and where the south end stops, it becomes the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Hard to believe looking at the views that there was a huge battle that took place over 150 years ago during the Civil War.

Then to complete the day we got a beautiful sunset that we could see on the overlook right down from our site.

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