Saturday, August 9, 2014

An Afternoon in Asheville

We had rain including one day where it rained ALL DAY. As we weren't planning on staying in this area much longer, as we still have a long way to go in the next few weeks, we didn't get to explore this area like we would have liked to. The Great Smokey National Park will have to wait for a future trip. We did go into Asheville for lunch our last day. We went to the Grove Arcade area of Asheville and walked around checking out some of the stores. We walked in one store filled with beautiful rocks, fossils, vases,etc. I could have bought a ton of stuff but our limited space in the MH saved us from spending a lot of money. Well actually any money. It was fun to look though. There are a number of restaurants with outdoor seating and so on this lovely rain free day, we decided on Chorizo. Chorizo is a Latin style restaurant.with food and drinks from Spain to Argentina.  We had ceviche to start.  I had the cuban crepes which had coffee smoked  pork and pickles which gave it an interesting taste. It came with beans and plantains.  Joe had what was called a double taco. It was a crispy taco inside of a soft taco with talipia.  I had a yummy pineapple mimosa and Joe had a beer.  The flavors were great. We have been on a roll with good restaurants lately.
We then drove over to the Grove Park Inn, which is an one hundred year old historic hotel. We passed some nice houses on the way there.

The Inn faces the Sunset Mountains, which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. What a lovely setting.

The architecture is of the Arts and Craft style. Many famous peple, including a number of presidents have stayed here.

There was an interesting story about the Supreme Court and this hotel  There was a plan to relocate the Supreme Court members in case of a nuclear attack. The agreement was in the 50's but is still valid to this day.

Would have been a nice place to have lunch on the Terrace with the great mountain views if we hadn't already eaten.

We are onto a new state tomorrow, Tennessee. Stay tuned.

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