Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Canada

Sunday morning we crossed the border into Canada. No line and only took about 5 minutes. We had reduced our food supplies, especially fruits and vegetables. We only had 2 apples as far as fruit went and we had to get rid of them. They didn't ask for any papers for Savannah and nothing on insurance which we were surprised about. When we told them we were from South Dakota, they asked if we rented or owned a house there. We had heard not to mention we were full time rvers but when that question was asked, we had to discuss that a little. We then were told to have a nice trip and sent on our way
We drove up the road a little to Moyie Provencial Park, where we stayed one night only. It is on a lake and we were going to stay a few days. However, Monday morning was cloudy and rain expected. Since we couldn't get either Internet or satellite, we decided to go on down the road. It was a pretty park and we are looking forward to staying at some of the other parks, hopefully with better weather.

We headed up to Fort Steele RV Park, which is about 17km north of Cranbrook. They have a gas station in front of the park and we got diesel and also propane. We were almost out of propane, which was another reason we didn't stay longer at Moyie. The park is pretty nice. We have full hookups and there is free WiFi so Joe can do some work and get ahead in case we are some other places while in Canada when we can't get service.  We have a nice view of the Rockies and there are horses in a fenced in area in back of us Savannah is just fascinated with these big "dogs".

After defrosting the refrigerator(another reason for reducing supplies) we went to a Walmart and a liquor store in Cranbrook to restock our pantry and refrig. Pricing is higher than US as we knew would be the case. Anyway, we have food, drink and propane to keep us warm and so are happy. Beautiful scenery as well.                                                              

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