Monday, July 4, 2011

Through the Trees

Saturday, we had a last day of Jeeping. Only 3 Jeeps went and Walt led us part of the way in his truck and then we continued up the mountain. Ernie and Tara, Nancy and Terry and us were the Jeepers. We drove along the Salmon River in the Carey Creek area. We turned onto one of the forest roads, on a narrow road with a shelve on one side that followed a creek that went down to the river and lots of trees to go through and rocks to maneuver around and over. Fortunately we did not meet anyone coming down as there were very few places to pull over to let another car go by.

     We reached a small meadow area to stop and have something to eat. Tara and Ernie's papillon Toby and our Savannah having been getting along great.

We headed back which was much faster than the way up.

            The evening meal with the whole group was the last of the HOP and was the best of the three dinners catered. We had spaghetti with garlic bread, bread sticks and salad.

Sunday was the last morning of the HOP. Some of the people left though a number, including ourselves, are staying through the rest of the 4th of July weekend.
We spent sometime cleaning the inside of the Jeep which naturally got pretty dirty on our drives. We drove into town to a self wash to take care of the outside.  We also did laundry at the campground.
We had been talking about  pizza with Ernie and Tara the other day and decided to have a pizza "throw down". We made our favorite boboli pizza that has dijon mustard spread on it, covered with bacon, then cabbage which was cooked in a little of the bacon grease, along with caraway seeds and apple cider vinegar. It was then covered with fontina cheese. Tara's pizza, also boboli thin crust, had a tomato based sauce with olives,anchovies, jalepeno's and Italian cheeses, which consists of 6 different cheeses, including ricotta. The ricotta was an especially good touch as it gave it a creamy taste. We had to declare a tie as we loved both versions.
Monday was mostly just a relaxing day. The nearest fireworks show is in McCall and since it doesn't get dark until after 10, we decided to forgo that. We ended up going into town with Terry and Nancy for some lunch at the River Rock Cafe.  Terry and Nancy shared pizza and Joe and I had sandwiches. Everything was good. We then had a few drinks at one of the local bars and then went back to the campground and spent the evening in various discussions of travels and politics and such.  Independence Day and all it means in this great country of ours was also among the discussions. Tomorrow we leave for Lewiston to hopefully get our overheating problem with the RV fixed. It has been a great week and we met some great people who we hope to run into in our future travels.

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