Friday, July 8, 2011

Spokane and Old Friends

Friday we drove straight to the Freighliner Repair shop in Spokane. After they worked on it for several hours, all they could determine is it might be just dirt, which they blew out. Hopefully that is all it is While waiting Joe gave our friends, Dave and Silvia, a call. We were great friends for a long time before they moved from So Cal to Spokane. We had lost touch over the years but our unexpected  detour to Spokane gave us a chance to reconnect. We made plans to meet them for dinner. First we drove to Alderwood RV Resort where we will be staying for a few days It is a nice resort with very pretty landscaping. However, they are the narrowest spots we have seen in a long time. Their tables at the sites are only half tables, with seating on only one side.

We met Dave and Silvia and some of their friends at, a Japanese restaurant in downtown Spokane. What a fun place. The sushi is wonderful, just fresh as can be, and they have great service. We sat at the sushi bar where we can  watch the chiefs do their thing. Dave and Silvia have been coming here for years and so know all the staff, who are very friendly. Silvia even has one of the sushi dishes named after her.  Silvia's roll has spicy tuna and cucumber with salmon, tuna and flying fish eggs with creamy wasabi sauce.                                                                                                        

We had several other selections and everything was just fabulous. We had a great time
catching up. Dave is still working full time as a sales rep but he also has a booth selling organic seasoning and teas at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market. Silvia also has a booth selling jewelry and has being doing it for about 10 years. We are planning to go to the Market on Saturday and will see them again.

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