Saturday, July 23, 2011

One more stop before Canada

We took another short drive up the road a little to Blue Lake Resort which is between Naples and Bonner Ferry. This is about a thirty minute drive from the Canada border. It is a nice little campground with a small lake. Their site has the campground map showing the lake with note that no motorized boats allowed. No kidding, it is only about the size of two Olympic size swimming pools.  However, it is pretty anyway.

Well, we did another McCall  type kayak trip. Remember, we stayed in McCall near Lake Payette but didn't kayak until we went to Riggins and made the drive back for a day of kayaking Weather was a factor in why we didn't kayak when we were there. While we were in the Sandpoint area, we had some nice days. We got lazy and didn't kayak on those days and the day we said we would kayak ended up a rainy day. So here we are in the Naples area and decided to drive back to Lake Pend Oreille as the weather is nice and sunny.
We drove to the Springy Point put in which is actually on the river, not technically the lake. It is a nice boat launch right next to the Springy Point campground.

We had a nice paddle, checking out the beautiful summer homes along the banks. Came back against the wind and so another good workout.

We drove back over the Sandpoint Long Bridge. The original bridge was built in the early 1900's and was advertised as the longest wooden bridge in the world at almost 2 miles in length. It was rebuilt in the 30's. In the 1950's it was rebuilt a third time,due to heavy use during World War 11, this time in concrete in steel. When the fourth bridge was built, it was built along side the third bridge, which became a walking-biking path.

   Another nice day. Tomorrow we will be going into Canada. We plan to head up as far as Jasper National Park, with some stops on the way, and then come back south to the Banff are and go over the border into Montana by the third week of August.                                                           

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