Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lakes in New Mexico

On the way to Santa Fe, we stopped at a couple of state parks. The first was Bottomless Lakes, near Roswell. Bottomless Lakes State Park is the first state park created in NM., It is located along the Pecos River. The  name comes from the fact that there are nine small, deep lakes in this area. One is 90 feet deep. As there has been a draught the last few years, some of the lakes look almost dried up. However, the lakes, or sinkholes, are still deep. Even if there was a lot of rain, the surrounding area around these small lakes would still only be a few feet deep. The campground is nice right by Lea Lake with colorful cliffs on one side. This is the largest lake and the only one where you can swim. We took one of the reservation spots that was open for one night and looks out at the lake.


We haven't had any problems not having our official NM pass when registering. However, we did find out that our mailing service had received the pass and sent it to a post office here in Roswell. So we went into town and picked it up and WE are now official with our annual pass stickers on both the MH and the Jeep. Roswell was the location of a possible UFO incident in 1947 where an alien ship was suppose to have crashed but was covered up by the government. Weather that was true or not, the town has taken advantage of it and there is an UFO Museum and little green men stationed in front of a number of stores in town. We didn't go to the museum. Next time we pass through here, we'll have to stop there. We stayed one more day in a different spot and then headed to another state park near a lake, Santa Rosa Lake State Park. The park is by a reservoir and is a way outside of the town of Santa Rosa and so seems quite remote. The elevation of the park is between 4200 and 5,000 feet and is high desert with juniper  and pinon trees, which is a change from the low desert with smaller trees and cactus which we have been seeing for the last little while. There was only one loop open at this time as the season doesn't really get going until May when weather is better and the lake comes alive with various types of boats and lots of people. We were lucky in that the weather was actually quite nice. In fact one day was pretty hot. We were close to putting on the air conditioner We didn't have anyone in sites near us and so was very peaceful sitting outside enjoying the scenery and good weather.

. Part of it ends above the water line. Santa Rosa is known as the city of natural lakes and is in the  upper Pecos River valley in Guadalupe County where numerous natural artesian-spring lakes abound. Blue Hole is known for its crystal-clear water and attracts scuba divers. Santa Rosa Lake is the largest lake and is man made. We drove down to the boat launch area. Drought has hit here too and the lake is really low. It looks like they had to add a section of the ramp on one side for boats to get through


It is still very pretty and a lovely spot to spend a few days.

We went into town and stopped for lunch at an appropriately named restaurant which is on, of course, the historic Route 66. It is a cute diner with friendly service and pretty good food


Next stop is Santa Fe, which is a town we have been to a few times and really enjoy.

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