Monday, April 29, 2013

A Kodak Moment -Kodachrome Basin State Park

We left the Lake Powell area driving on Hwy 89 to Hwy 12, which is an All American Road, with plenty of beautiful scenery. I had downloaded an audio book, which we haven't done for awhile. We have several drives of 4 hours or more coming up in the next few weeks and so a book was in order. I downloaded a thriller called The Panther by Nelson De Mille, which is 21 hours long!! That should keep us occupied on the long drives. We got to Kodachrome Basin State Park, which is about 9 miles or so from Hwy 12 not far from Bryce. I had read in the Mike and Terri Church's southwest Camping Destinations book that they thought this was one of the most scenic campgrounds in the country and I think they are right. It is set in a basin surrounded by red sandstone cliffs and interesting spires. National Geographic Society were so struck by the photogenic character of the place that they suggested it be named in honor of the pioneering color film. Originally they changed the name but later got permission from the Kodak company to use the name and it has been that ever since. As we drive on the 9 mile road to the campground, we are already struck by the beauty of the place.




The campground itself has great views as well. There are only about six of the 37 sites with full hookups. The others have no hookups. It looks like the full hook ups sites were added later and are the largest sites as well.







We could see why this is a popular campground. We were lucky to get a reservation as there were only a few sites only for 3 days, which is what we wanted. There are also a number of trails right in the park, ranging from 1/2 to about 6 miles in length. One day, we took a walk on the 1/2 mile nature trail for a tour of the desert plants of the area, including juniper trees and the Park's trademark formations.



The Park's red rock spires are interesting. Geologists think the the towers were formed when liquid sand intrusions rose to the surface as a result of earthquake activity and subsequently hardened. the tallest of the tower is 156 feet tall.






We are enjoying our stay here. Stay tune for further adventures.

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  1. Hello Joe and Nikki,
    We met at Lake Powell in April.Dale and Gloria/Baxter our great bulldog. Have really been enjoying your blog and getting a lot of info for camping---THANKS!