Monday, April 22, 2013

Camping on the Edge - Gooseneck State Park, UT

We spent one night at Gooseneck State Park, a free(yes free!!!) camping spot on the edge of a spectacular sight. We glaze down at the results of 300 million years of time, where the San Juan River winds its way through the desert 1,000 feet below. This Park offers views of this amazing and rare geologic formation, known as an entrenched meander. Over a distance of one and a half miles, the San Juan flows for more than six miles through the twists of the entrenched meander. The campsites are primitive with no hook ups but oh the views from our site.





There are several other motorhomes near us and a few others down the road a bit where it curves around the rocks below. Some people just made this a short stop to take pictures of this awesome sight. We didn't do too much other than just take it all in. Wow, love love this traveling to new places.








We had a nice evening and then headed towards Lake Powell. Gooseneck is near Mexican Hat, Utah and only about 30 miles from Monument Valley. We have stayed there a number of years ago and it is another place to take in the beauty of Utah.


We stopped in Page for groceries and propane and then made our way to Lone Rock, another great spot right on the lake. There is a $10 camping fee a night but we get our 50% discount thanks to our Senior Pass. Another great deal. More on our time in Lake Powell in my next post, but one thing was surprising.We couldn't believe how low the water. It is about 48% capacity and has dropped quite a bit just since we were here in October of 2011.


The picture right below was taken this week. The one below it on our last trip here. Notice the difference in the area below the darker area in the middle. It is probably around a 25 foot drop.

However, it is still beautiful and we plan to spend at least 4 or 5 days here, including some kayaking. Stay tune.


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