Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Stay at Usery Regional Park

On Tuesday, we left McDowell and headed a short hour drive to another regional park, Usery Regional Park. It is a little farther southeast of McDowell. WOW, another beautiful regional park. There are large spacious spots and beautiful desert foliage. We got a back in site but as you back in you turn and end up being parallel to the gorgeous Pass Mountain.



Pass Mountain
You don't have to leave the campground in order to see examples of the beauty of the spring flowers. Cholla, Barrel Cactus, Palo Verde, Ocotillo, and more.








I took the picture below of the Phoenix sign with its arrow on the hill. We had seen it on a previous drive and Joe said kiddingly that he should email it to Alan, a friend of ours who lives in the Phoenix are and is a pilot to ask him if he uses this to find his way home. Well I read that this sign was indeed painted by Boy Scouts in the 50's in order for pilots to find their way to Phoenix from the open desert that had no landmarks. Then I read in Wikipedia that this is just a myth but I like the story anyway.


We are staying here for a week and will do the Apache Trail run and some kayaking another day which will be in the next few blogs. Of course we always have shopping to do and just relaxing at our beautiful campsite in the Arizona desert.




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