Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dixie National Forest Adventures

We spent some more time checking out the area. We did another hike in the Park. Angels Palace Trail is an one mile hike up through a canyon with interesting more interesting rock formations.




We had some climbing to do with a few narrow parts where I kept one hand on the canyon walk on my left to avoid being too close to the cliff edge.


Joe makes it up the hill.

Some nice views from near the top.


Hey, can you see our motorhome down there on the right.


I would have taken more pictures at the top but the battery in my camera ran out and of course I had left the extra battery in the car. I need to start recharging the battery in the camera as soon as we get back home.

Anyway, it was a nice hike. We then walked back down and decided to take a drive on the scenic Cottonwood Canyon Road. You just drive back to where we turned into the park and go straight on a graded dirt road. It runs for 46 miles to Highway 89.


Some parts of the road were soft sand and this motorcyclist in front of us had his feet on the ground for awhile to keep from slipping.


We just went about 10 miles and stopped at Grosvenor Arch, a superb double arch named in honor of a former National Geographic president. We took a short walk up to it.


There is one big arch and a smaller one to the left.


Savannah finds a little shade for a rest. I think she likes this area as dogs are allow on the trails around here.

We headed back through more beautiful country.

We haven't spend much time sitting outside at our campsite as the desert winds are with us again and it is a little cool as well. However, we have great views out our window and so who are we to complain. Not us. We love this area and know there will be plenty more to do when we return some day.

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