Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Happy 4th in Mammoth

We have stayed in Mammoth several times for the 4th of July. This time we are not right in Mammoth but took the 9 mile drive into town to watch the parade. Before that we again when to the annual Pancake Breakfast put on by the local Lion's Club. Lots of locals there and as we have been coming to Mammoth for over 30 years, we felt at home. After having pancakes with sausage and orange juice(already had our morning coffee), we went back to the car and got our sand chairs and set them up in a shady spot by the side of the road. As the parade doesn't start until 11, we walked over to the arts and craft fair over in the Footloose Sports Store and did some browsing.





Lots of dogs around in this dog friendly area and Savannah likes enjoying a little time in the shade as usual.



We like this traditional small time celebration of our country's birthday. Especially being full time travelers who appreciate our government's foresight in protecting the beauty of this country by setting up National Parks, landmarks, monuments, and forests for all to enjoy.







There was lots of candy thrown to the crowds. The little girl on the right in yellow and pink had a blue and red bag that was as full as a Halloween night by the end of the parade.

As the parade airplane came to a telephone wire, they had to stop and lower the tail so it would go under. The crowd applauded as they made it through.



Bringing up the rear were the emergency crews. A tribute had been made earlier to the 19 firefighters who gave their lives in the tragic Yarnell Fire in Arizona and of course to all fire fighters and other emergency workers everywhere.


Hope every one had a great Independence Day celebration and enjoyed a nice long weekend.

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