Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Hike and On To Mono Lake

On Friday, we decided to take another hike and headed back to Mammoth Lakes. Our destination was Lake George, another beautiful lake, at an elevation of 9,250. There are a number of hikes, but the one we choose was one that goes to a couple of lakes, Barrett and TJ Lakes. There is a campground and day use area at Lake George and there were people fishing as well as kayaking and canoeing.


The trail is not that long, under a mile, but mostly uphill and involves crossing some small streams. Joe and walked on the rocks but Savannah likes to get her paws wet.






In the picture below you can see some steps to climb on our way up to the small lakes.


We stopped at Barrett Lake and had some snacks. There were a number of people and happy dogs playing in the water.




Some wildflowers added to the beauty.



Wonder what this was all about.

After we finished the hike we drove back down lake Mary Rd. I can't get over all the bike paths and we didn't bring our bikes this time.



We crossed this bridge on one of Mammoth's many ski lifts many a time.

The bike path right before Main Street.

We took a back road to Glass Creek. You can't tell from the picture but the road wasn't bad but we were constantly going up and down, up and down. The ATVers probably loved it.


Another day we got take out from the Breakfast Club, a breakfast and now lunch as well, popular restaurant on Main St. We took it to a near by park where we had ridden our bikes to when here before. Sunday we went back to the Arts and Crafts Fair, where we bought a metal welcome sign with stars and the moon on it, which we will put at our Jojoba site when we get back.

Tuesdaywe packed up and drove back to Mammoth to use Shady Rest's dump and water fill up. We made 12 days without having to get water or dump. Pretty good. We took short navy showers and filled up a couple of gallon plastic containers whenever we went into town, which helped. I had read about a couple of boondocking spots near Mono Lake on the Shunpiker website, which is a very helpful tool in finding free camping. On monday, we had driven there to check it out and found a great spot overlooking the lake.We then went to Whoa Nellie Deli, which is in the Tioga Gas Mart, near Lee Vining. Yes, a restaurant inside a gas station mart. It is not your typical food mart or deli. Some of the things on the menu are wild buffalo meatloaf, pork loin with a berry apricot glaze, lobster taquitos, fish tacos with a ginger coleslaw and mango salsa. Joe just had a cheeseburger(yawn) and I had the special, a great shrimp ceviche. It was more like a gazpacho, with tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, chilies, and just the right amount of heat. Delish!! A nice place with sitting outside overlooking the lake, which also has music Thursdays thru Sundays

Anyway we got to our great little spot over looking Mono Lake. We will be kayaking this amazing lake tomorrow.

The pictures below are our views out our passenger side windows. Not too shabby and another free camping site.


I zoomed in for a picture of some ofthe tufa formations that make Mono Lake famous. You'll see many close up ones from our kayak trip next blog.


As the sun sets on another awesome place.


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