Friday, July 26, 2013

Edson Creek

We had planned to stay at Cape Blanco a second night. we signed up and then decided to check out some other areas. We drove 5 miles north of Port Orford and turned on Sixes River Road for 4 miles until we reached Edson Recreation Site, a first come first serve campground set in an open meadow by Edson Creek, adjacent to Sixes River. It is a BLM campground. While we were checking it out, the cost came up to us as they had noticed we were Escapees. It turned out they have a place at Jojoba Hills. Like Huntley Park, going just a short distance away from the coast makes all the difference in the weather. We decided to burn our second night at Cape Blanco and so went back, packed up and headed back to Edson.



And who should be our new neighbors, but John and Linda who we met at Huntley and who told us about this place. Our other neighbors were also a couple we saw at Huntley. We talked to them for awhile while setting up our site. Savannah is very happy as she loves grass.


She was also happy to see Rose, John and Linda's little dog. We let them off their leaches and let them chase each other around. Then Savannah went up to their screen door smelling for Maggie, their cat. Maggie usually stays under a chair by the door but came to the door and they touched noses through the screen. Savannah is in love again.

We walked across the road to a nice beach on the river banks.


Tomorrow we will head back south to check out Bandon.


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