Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paddling at Lake Mary

Earlier this week we did a little kayaking. We drove over to Lake Mary, the largest of the 11 lakes in the Mammoth Basin. Set among the lodge pine poles, it is a beautiful place to paddle. We found a spot on the side of the road to park our jeep, pull out the kayak, blow it up and head on out. I didn't take the camera out on the water this time but took some pictures from our put in spot. The weather was great, not too hot and not much wind. It was a nice relaxing paddle.




After our paddle we brought out our sand chairs and continued to take in the views while Savannah had a little nap. It's hard work for a little Cavalier to keep watch at the front of the boat.


Hey, I'm awake now. Time to explore.


The next few days, we had sunny mornings but clouds and even some rain and thunder in the afternoons. After the hot weather we have had lately, it was actually refreshing. We went into town for breakfast one day and did some grocery shopping, but just spent a few days relaxing, reading books outside in our wonderful campsite.

This is a big area for ohv/atvs with lots of trails accessilble right from the campground. In fact, on Wednesday, a big group came in and parked across from us in a recently vacated spot. There were big rvs with trailers full of atvs' Oh no, our quite little time is over. Actually, there are a quiet group. Considering, it is a holiday weekend, this campground has been very quiet and peaceful. Love it.


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