Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch

Next day we went to Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu. THis was the area that Georgia O'Keefe sepnt her summers painting some of her world famous works. In 1949 she moved permanently to Ghost Ranch and stayed until 1984 when she moved to Santa Fe due to health issues. She died in 1986 at the age of 99. When we left Ghost Ranch we drove north to Abiquiu to check out the reservior there as a potential next stop on our way to South Fork, CO. We also went a bit further north to a Carson National Forest stop called Echo Amphitheater as another potential stopping point when traveling north.
Dinner was at Milagro 139 in the Santa Fe Plaza. We shared 2 different appetizers as a dinner. First their trio, scallop ceviche in a tequila-lime marinate, beef tartare with a serrano-soy glaze and tuna tartare with a sesame glaze. The second appetizer was a San Francisco sampler with a combination of braised short reibs, calamario frio, camerones con tocino and chile en nogada. We throughly enjoyed this meal. Definitely a winner. It started raining as we left. That night got another thunder, lightning show.

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