Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Texas Grand Canyon

We arrived at our destination just south of Amarillo, Palo Duro State Park, the second largest canyon in the US. Most of the campsites are just above the canyon floor. Unfortunatey we are unable to get any cell phone reception even with our amplifier on. During or first night we had a big thunder and lightning storm. Much different than our little California ones. In the morning the road out was closed due to mud slides over the road way. When we originally arrived, we saw signs in abut 5 or 6 places noting they are subject to flash flooding and that is where the mud and water needed to be cleared out. As we had our Jeep we were going out anyway and luckily a ranger there was in front of us and opened the gate for us. He could see we weren't having any problems. Just got the Jeep pretty muddy. See one of pictures attached. We went 49 miles north of Amarillo to see Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. The droughts of the southwest have definitely had an impact on the lake levels. This lake is at 8% of its capacity.

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