Friday, June 25, 2010

Conchas Lake

Left Palo Duro headed toward Santa Fe with intention of finding a spot at a higher elevation which would be cooler and preferably by water. We landed at Conchas Lake and stayed in a Corp of Engineering campground. Our daily fee with our America Beautiful Senior Pass is a whopping $2.50. This campground has seen better days. It had been run by a concessionaiare which according to our campground host, had run it into the ground. What a shame on many levels. The current political winds have been shouting that the government can not do anything right, only private enterprise and capitalism. Our host said the Corp is looking to transfer this campground to the state but the campground needs more than 4 million in infrastructure repairs due to concessionaires handling of our land. So the concessionaire makes their profits and leaves us the landowners holding the bag. Sounds familiar, doesn't it. The lake here is down over 30 feet. On a political side note we have been noticing the affects of the "non-existent" climate change from California through AZ, NM and Texas. It is criminal that we have elected officials that put their political ideaology above our future welfare. Anyway, politics aside, we still had a nice view and did enjoy our two day stay.

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