Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oops and It Factor

Last night we decided that we had made a good jump to make it to Roper Lake, AZ near Safford. We took off and had driven about 70 to 90 miles when a car cam up blinking their lights and honking the horn. Nikki pulled the motorhome to an off ramp and we got out to see what was up. The driver came up and said our front weheels on the Jeep were not tracking with the motorhome. I knew immediately what the mistake I had made was. The previous night I had left the Jeep hooked up to the motorhome and turned off the ACC on the steering column and locked it up for the night. When we left in the morning I had not unlocked the steering column. Well upon inspection it appeared I had only trashed the one front tire really bad. By the way, we owe a great big thanks for the motorist who stopped us. He really saved us as we think it was just a matter of time before the tire blew and we could have been in really big trouble. Anyway, we changed the tire with the spare. It was only 102 degrees out. We must have each drank 2 bottles of water changing that tire. We then made our way to Lake Roper. What a find. We were hoping for some view of the water but never dreamed we would be right across the road from the Lake. See pictures taken from our site below. We stayed 3 days and could have stayed longer. We took out kayaks all three days. Not a hugh lake but a nice and pretty paddle.

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