Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Livingston TX

Made the drive to Escapees Rainbow Park, Livingston, TX with the intentions of becoming residents of Texas. The next morning we went to the national headquarters and signed up for the Escapees Mail Forwarding program which gave us our address requirements. Nikki then contacted her former employer, Epicor Software on our address and required paperwork for Healthcare under Cobra. This started a flurry of emails to get this straighten out. During this time, we studied for the Texas drivers test. During our studies we discovered that we are really being tested for a CDL(commerical) license with some exclusions for recreation vehicle only. While there was nothing really restrictive we were concerned that something might pop up that would invalidate getting that Texas license. At that point, we would have already gotten vehicle tags, registered to vote and turned in everything Californian, no turning back easily. California looks at motorhome driving a little differently than Texas. At this point, we do not want to down a road we are not 100% sure. Nikki would like more driving experience before having to take the driving test as well.
On the weekend we went to Village Creek State Park to paddle part of the Village Creek. It is part of an extensive canoe paddling trail system by the Texas Park System. We only have good comments about the Texas Park System. It appears that Texas is heads and shoulders about California's Park system which we are familiar with. So hung around Livingston until some UPS packages arrived 6-22 and then went on our way.

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