Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Biking, Swimming at Lake Poinsett

The weather is so very close to a time we spent in the Dominican Republic. It is uncanny. It is warm and has a very pleasant breeze. Just love waking up to the sounds of the water lapping up against the rocks. Just pure heaven. It makes the rereading of Nick's Blog (one of the blogs we follow of some other nomads traveling around this great country of ours) today so evermore prevalent. Those of us who are capturing this dream are truly blessed. I cannot not even explain the pure solitude we are currently enjoying.

We took a little bike ride around the campground. Later in the afternoon we took a swim right outside our camp spot. Whether we were inside or sitting outside under the awning, our views are fantastic. Being in the water. it again made us realize how much the water has increased. We found out that there should have been more than 20 feet of shosre line instead of none that it has now. We were barely out 3 feet from the shore and we were on our toes to keep our head out of water. It certainly shows the crazy weather patterns our country is currently experiencing. In our travels in the last couple of months we have seen many draught areas and we are now seeing areas of too much normal moisture.

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