Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Lake Poinsett

We have been mostly taking it easy. Joe working a little but both of us have been doing a lot of reading. No TV due to so many trees. We did go out on the Lake kayaking and had an enjoyable few hours doing that. There were very few people during the week but more started coming in for the weekend. It was never filled completely though. We decided to stay through Monday instead of leaving Sunday as per our original plans. Sunday it had been clear and warm. However in the afternoon it started getting cloudy and looked like rain. All of a sudden, it started getting real windy and the waves started getting bigger and were crossing over the sandbags and under the motor home. As we had heard that the previous week had waves on the lake up to 5 feet, we decided to move to higher ground. We packed and moved up to the next level where we were in even more trees and still had a nice view of the water. We certainly have been getting into all types of different weather. Nothing like SO Cal. Took picture of another nice sunset from our new spot.

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